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 - A fresh water rinse after a trip in salt water goes a long way in protecting zippers from corrosion 

 - Clear Silicone Spray (or any silicone-based product) is excellent for lubricating zippers

 - Bleach may not fade your Sunbrella, but it does weaken your thread! 

 - Covers for electronics, upholstery, and hatches are the best way to protect items when not in use

 - ROLL your windows! Folding them may cause permanent creases & marks

 - Heat from the sun on your glass will eliminate some of the creases mentioned above 

 - If your cushion seams are coming apart, protect the foam from sun damage! Foam can be reused, but when replaced it can be quite pricey

 - Having trouble snapping your dodger? Or attaching a bimini clip? Push slightly on the frame or unzip the frame pocket to get slack in the canvas. Snap or attach your strap and then try re-zipping the pocket

 - Small tear? Tear Aid (fabric & vinyl types) is a quick and easy solution to prevent further damage

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